The Insynco Story

It all began in 2016 when co-founders, Dr. Leah Richardson, a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, and Ben Ghaderian, a creative expert in web technology and marketing, came together with a vision to enhance the way Canadians connect and engage in their health care.

In an effort to restructure the old conventional model and create a brand-new approach, four essential questions had to be answered:

What if…

The outcome was a cutting-edge personalized healthcare service called Insynco, uniquely designed to make healthy living simple and convenient for all Canadians.

The Founders Behind Insynco

Dr. Leah Richardson, ND, BSc.

Naturopathic Doctor, Co-founder & CEO

Leah’s genuine enthusiasm as a healthcare provider is centered on helping people experience the best version of themselves. She has personally coached and consulted with patients from all walks of life — from everyday people to athletes, and young entrepreneurs to seasoned professionals.

Her confidence and passion is infectious and absolutely vital to the success of her patients. Above all, her attention to detail ensures no one is left guessing, but that all patients get the support they need, when it’s needed most.

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Ben Ghaderian

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Ben drives Insynco’s strategic vision and leads the daily operations at Insynco, including product development and marketing. He is passionate about people, technology, and simplifying complex processes.

The diversity of his expertise and his past involvement in several startups has naturally made him a perfect fit for his role at Insynco.

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