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Our NDs spend their time with patients — not web designers, digital marketing agencies, or business gurus. Insynco’s unique model allows our NDs to focus on what they do best — transforming lives… from the comfort of their home or office.

— Ben Ghaderian

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This is where it begins. Where you are finally provided with the right support, tools, and techniques to easily supercharge your career.


100% of Patients Provided

You heard us right. You’ll never have to spend your own time or money on lead generation, online marketing or branding again.


Work From Home

Save time and money by operating 100% virtually from the comfort of your home or office.

Full Admin Support

We’ve got you covered. We’ll manage the day to day operations, so you can focus on providing the best clinical care to your patients.

What makes Insynco different?

Our clinicians spend their time with patients – not stuck in traffic, learning marketing fads from self-proclaimed business gurus, or figuring out how to hire a web programmer. Our innovative “done for you” approach allows NDs to increase their productivity and revenue exponentially.

Our Difference
Insynco is redefining what it means to be a Naturopath

You’ll never have to waste your time and money on online marketing fads, anxiously hoping patients would start trickling in. We’ll generate the leads so you can stay focused on providing the best clinical care.

We recognize that our success is dependent on your success. We will guide you through every step of the way so you can relax knowing everything is taken care of.

We took the most effective practice management tools available and made them fully integrated with our practice.

Insynco was a remote company before “remote” was a thing. We love the freedom to work from our home, cottage, or office.

Without the usual overhead expenses, you won’t have to wait to turn a profit. Leverage our skills and experience and skip the typical pain points of launching (and sustaining) your own practice from scratch.

No need to take out a business loan or spend your precious savings on building a practice from the ground up. We’ve got a ‘done for you’ model that allows you to make more money, without the upfront cost.

We believe in shared decision-making. This is why at Insynco, naturopathic doctors and other care providers on our team collaborate to help clients reach their goals faster.

We’re always looking to improve the way we do things. We have a very collaborative and open culture that welcomes suggestions, feedback, creativity, and autonomy for all.

Open Positions

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Naturopathic Doctor – Contractor (Virtual) 

Location: Remote


Most frequent questions and answers

Insynco’s model is unique in that we provide an opportunity for naturopaths to build a risk-free practice, while we cover the overhead and ensure money is re-invested back into marketing and business development. We have no hidden fees, just a hassle-free percentage split. Our goal is to see naturopaths spend their precious time healing patients, while we spend our time recruiting patients. It’s a win-win partnership.

As an Insynco clinician you will be working with our team of entrepreneurs to create and deliver the most convenient, efficient and user-friendly health care experience to our clientele. You will have the freedom to work remotely, never having to commute to a clinic location. All appointments will be done through video or phone consults and you will be working with patients of all ages, with a diverse range of health concerns and goals. While you work independently, conducting virtual consultations, our support team will always be on hand to make sure your day runs smoothly and administrative tasks are taken care of. Some of your duties include ordering lab tests, prescribing supplements, creating patient chart notes, requesting and reviewing past bloodwork/medical records and also answering general questions from patients via email.

We are looking for new or experienced licensed naturopathic doctors who are: creative, hardworking, self-motivated, extremely tech savvy and highly compassionate. If you wish to join our team, you will be asked to send us your resume. As a bonus, you could also send us a short video of yourself. this helps us attach a face/personality to your resume. You will then have a video interview with our co-founders. If successful, we will begin the on-boarding process and make sure you are fully equipped to hit the ground running.

You will be working with men and women (primarily age 25-45), with a variety of health concerns and goals. Most often our clients are seeking treatment for one or more of the following: low energy, poor sleep, indigestion, skin rashes, allergies, hypothyroidism, anxiety, hormone imbalance and weight management. 

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