Naturopathic Doctor – Contractor (Virtual)

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About Insynco

Insynco Naturopathic is a modern naturopathic practice located in downtown Toronto that primarily operates as a virtual health care practice and is led by a team of forward-thinking, tech-savvy entrepreneurs. From day one we have been hyper-focused on providing the most convenient, efficient, user-friendly experience for our clients, and as a result we have seen consistent exponential growth. As we further expand, we are excited to provide the opportunity for more naturopaths to join our team and benefit from our tried and tested business model.

We are looking for new or experienced naturopathic doctors who are extremely passionate about shaping a better patient experience. You will be on the clinical front-lines ensuring that we are delivering world class care that will foster strong patient loyalty. You are:

  • Adaptable – You thrive in a fast-paced, high-growth, high-tech work environment and are willing to learn and adopt new technology as we continually strive for greater efficiency.
  • Caring & Creative – You are genuinely compassionate, constantly putting yourself in your patient’s shoes and always seeking ways to make their health transformation more achievable.
  • A Problem Solver – Complex health conditions do not intimidate you, as you are always up for a challenge.
  • A Team Player – You are highly effective in communicating your thoughts and ideas, and enjoy working collaboratively with others.
  • Detail-oriented – Under your care, patients do not slip through the cracks. You are highly effective in staying organized with charts, lab requisitions, and supplement prescriptions.

*Required Commitment: To begin, this position will require you to dedicate at least 2 days/week (ideally the same 2 days each week) to allow space for virtual appointments to be scheduled. Work hours are flexible and negotiable.

You Will:

  • See patients via telemedicine (video or phone consults) using the tools and platforms provided by Insynco
  • Consistently provide high-quality, personalized treatment plans and well-rounded patient care
  • Complete online charts in a timely and accurate manner
  • Follow organizational policies, procedures, and protocols
  • Help us rethink how to deliver even better virtual care and provide feedback as we create new innovative protocols
  • Assist in the resolution of patient inquiries, including: Respond to patient emails when necessary, order lab tests and prescribe supplements. 
  • Convert 10-minute complimentary Discovery Calls to booked patients
  • Join the rest of care team for weekly video call meetings

At a minimum, you possess:

  • At least one year of experience practicing as a naturopathic doctor (licensed by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario).
  • A flexible schedule, with at least 2 days/week that you are available to take appointments.
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit, high energy, genuine enthusiasm and motivation
  • Access to an HD webcam and high-speed internet


  • 2+ years of experience providing naturopathic care either via telemedicine or in-person
  • Previous sales experience

How to apply

If you wish to join our team, upload your resume by using the button below.

BONUS POINT: If you want to stand out, also upload a quick video to introduce yourself. The video will help us attach a face/personality to your resume.

Need help with the video?

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