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When you join Insynco you'll be matched with the perfect naturopathic doctor on our team who can best assist you with your unique health condition.​


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A team of incredibly skilled naturopathic doctors

How we pick practitioners: Every naturopathic doctor on our team is hand-picked and rigorously vetted. We identify the top talent within the industry with unique skillsets and areas of focus – so you can relax, knowing you’re in good hands. 


Dr. Caitlyn Keates

Naturopathic Doctor 

Dr Yasmin Amini naturopathic doctor

Dr. Yasmin Amini

Naturopathic Doctor 


Dr. Alycia Lattanzio

Naturopathic Doctor 


Dr. Leah Richardson

Naturopathic Doctor 

Dr. Soraiya Gulamali naturopathic doctor

Dr. Soraiya Gulamali

Naturopathic Doctor 


A healthcare team you can trust

Our naturopathic doctors have personally coached and consulted with patients from all walks of life — from everyday people to Olympic athletes, TV stars and fortune 500 executives in Toronto.

Care that goes beyond one opinion

We believe in shared decision making: Your personal naturopathic doctor and other care providers on our team collaborate to help you reach your goals faster.

collaborative care team

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A great naturopath is someone who has undergone rigorous studies to gain the knowledge and skills that qualify them as a naturopath. They should also have a licensed degree or certification from a qualified institution.
A great naturopath should be well versed in nutrition, herbal medicines, homeopathy, and other natural medicines.
This is why we go the extra mile to make sure you are paired with the best naturopath on our team.
We have a great team of licensed naturopaths who are each highly skilled in different areas of health and our personalized onboarding process ensures you get connected with a member of our team who is best-equipped to help you reach your goals.

The short answer is they are all equally great. We don’t function as a regular clinic where each doctor is a jack of all trades and you are forced to pick the doctor based on their reviews or referral from a friend. Each of our naturopathic doctors have a unique area of focus which they are highly skilled in. When you join Insynco, our care team will match you with the best doctor on our team based on your health condition and goals. This way you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

Our reputation is extremely important to us. Rest assured we will never match you with a doctor who cannot help you with your health condition. Our smart doctor-patient matching system was implemented to improve our customer satisfaction and help them get the best possible result. Our innovative care model is the reason why Torontonians love us.

Yes, all of our doctors charge the same fees. We like to keep things simple and affordable. Our naturopathic care is designed to work for you — and your budget.

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