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Step 1 – Book your first appointment

Simply take 30 seconds and fill up our short sign-up form. We’ll ask you a few questions to get to know you and discover your main health concerns and goals. We’ll get back to you within 24 business hours to book you in and confirm your appointment.

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Step 2 – We'll match you with an ND

Based on the information you provide us, we’ll match you with one of our naturopathic doctors whose skill set best suits your conditions. 

Once you get started, our naturopathic doctors will also join forces and combine their valued knowledge, training, and unique skills to further enhance the care you receive.


Step 3 – Your first appointment

To learn more about you, your health history, lifestyle, and habits, we’ll spend 60 minutes conducting a thorough initial assessment. We’ll take time to listen and ask key questions so we know exactly what your main obstacles are and how to overcome them.

Depending on your needs, we may recommend lab work or specialized testing to help identify important underlying issues. We’ll also provide  advice on which supplements to use and give you access to professional products not available in stores.

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Step 4 – Let the transformation begin

To help you build strategic yet manageable healthy habits into your daily routine, a comprehensive health plan is then custom-built for you. 

Best of all, you’ll receive ongoing proactive monitoring from month to month to help you stay committed to your goals and quickly overcome obstacles as soon as they arise.

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Have questions?

Chat with our support team through SMS, email or phone – fast, private and hassle-free. 

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