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Simply take 30 seconds and fill up our short sign-up form. We’ll ask you a few questions to get to know you and discover your main health concerns and goals. We’ll get back to you within 24 business hours to book you in and confirm your appointment.

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Step 2 – We'll Match You With An ND

Based on the information you provide us, we’ll match you with one of our naturopathic doctors whose skill set best suits your conditions. 

Once you get started, our naturopathic doctors will also join forces and combine their valued knowledge, training, and unique skills to further enhance the care you receive.


Step 3 – Your First Appointment

In our first meeting, we’ll dedicate a full hour to really getting to know you. We’ll review your health history, lifestyle, and daily routines in detail. It’s about seeing the bigger picture, so be ready for plenty of questions and a meaningful discussion about what’s been hindering your progress and how we can overcome those obstacles together.

Following that, we’ll start assembling the pieces of your health puzzle by considering various blood work and other advanced testing options to discover what’s happening beneath the surface. We’ll also begin drafting a preliminary plan, incorporating lifestyle adjustments, nutritional guidance, and potentially some natural supplements to create a customized strategy for you.

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Step 4 – Lab Work & Review

During your first follow-up consultation, we’ll go over your lab results in detail, ensuring you understand every aspect of your lab report. By integrating the insights from your lab tests with your symptoms and health history, we’ll fine-tune your treatment plan aimed at rejuvenating your health.

It’s Important to note that even when your blood results fall within the ‘normal’ range, they can still hint at underlying health issues. This is where our comprehensive evaluation of your blood work comes into play, helping us identify potential health concerns early on and adjust your treatment plan accordingly. This approach allows us to be proactive and precise in guiding you towards optimal health.


Step 5 – Regular Follow-Ups & Tracking

To help you achieve optimal health and well-being, we’ll address your health issues with a comprehensive approach. Because health concerns can often be multifaceted, with one problem masking another, we’ll work alongside you, peeling back these layers to gain a clear understanding of your overall health.

Through regular check-ins, we’ll monitor your progress and adapt our strategies as needed, ensuring we’re always targeting the root causes rather than merely alleviating symptoms. This personalized approach allows us to tailor our interventions to your unique needs, fostering lasting solutions for your well-being.

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